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Post up to three captioned photos, without links.


$9 • month / $49 • year

Post an unlimited number of blurbs, and a colorful backstory. You do it yourself, through our online interface. It's really easy.


$29 • month / $99 • year

Send us text and big pictures (or tell us where to find them) whenever you want to add something to your presence. We will shape them into excellent blurbs. And we will cross-post your blurbs on a recurring schedule to Twitter, Facebook + Instagram.


Do you offer multiple programs, and want to run separate platforms for each of them? We can come up with something. Send us a note @ the HELP? section (bottom right).

How to shmuuz

What is a PLATFORM?

A platform is your permanent presence on SHMUUZ, a PUBLICITY ENGINE. It consists of an unlimited number of BLURBS, backed by your captioned full-screen visual STORY.

What is a BLURB?

A BLURB consists of a fullscreen image, a title, a short description, maybe dates, times and place details. A BLURB includes links to a map, your contact info, and your web presence (e.g., URL, facebook, twitter, instagram). A BLURB can be about an event, an announcement, an advertisement, a showcase of your skills or services, any sort of publicity.

How many BLURBS can I create?

As many as you want. BLURBS can be temporary (e.g., for a one-off event), or permanent (e.g., describing as aspect of your program or group or business).

What is a STORY

A pictorial STORY is told through a continuous loop of captioned images. Each platform can include a single story, accessible from every blurb on the platform.

Should I tell a STORY?

You don't have to, but yeah, absolutely. A STORY shows your flowershop in action, or depicts a cascade of fresh blooms, or maybe presents the delivery guy and his truck.

What do I need?

Whether you are creating BLURBS or a STORY, you need the same thing: a bunch of photos, the bigger the better. And the info that's in your head. Type it into the fields we provide, upload the photos (or take new ones on the fly, right in the app), and leave the rest to our magic shmuuz churner.

Who can work on my platform?

You can assign helpers to edit or maintain your platform. All you need is their email address.

How many PLATFORMS can I build?

A platform holds unlimited blurbs backed by a single story. A small business often maintains one to five platforms. Learn more here.

What is a CLUSTER?

Any multi-platform package can be set up as a CLUSTER, essentially a dedicated shmuuz website for your organization or group or institution or business. Moderate - sized organizations prefer five to 25 platforms. Consider a big business / institutional plan (100 or 250 or 500 platforms or more). For places that have a bunch of departments, things like that. Learn more here.

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